About Skinny Minnie

Throughout my life I have tried all different types of weight loss supplements but nothing seemed to give me extra energy or suppress my appetite.

Being a busy mum and after having my second child it was hard to lose the extra weight, but none of the products out there were doing the job. After tons of research, I decided to create my own fat burner and detox to help with my weight loss journey.

After trying and experimenting i was so surprised at how well they worked. With the fat burner my energy was noticeably increased and it suppressed my appetite!

The detox had me feeling good, my bloating went down and it stopped me from picking at the sweets I would crave, especially at night.

I finally found something that was easy to fit into my busy schedule, without going to the gym or eating countless diet meals a day.

Skinny Minnie’s aim is to help women in their daily lives. Something simple and easy that fits into their daily routine.

I hope you love it just as much as I do!

Azizza xxx

Owner and founder

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