Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of Skinny Minnie fat burner and detox?

18 months from date of manufacture. The expiration date will be found on the package.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women take it?

It is best to check with your physician before use.

How long can I take the fat burner and detox for, and should I have a break?

After 4 weeks it is advised you stop for 4 weeks before starting again.

How many serves in a pack?

It is 30 serves per package.

How many times can I take the detox?

Depending on what you are wanting to achieve, 2x a day for a 7 or 14 day detox and 1x a day for maintenance or general wellbeing.

When is the best time to take the fat burner?

First thing in the morning or before a workout. It is recommended to not consume after 5pm as the effects of the caffeine may cause you to have trouble sleeping.

Does the detox contain caffeine?

NO! Our detox does not contain caffeine so you may take it at night without the possibility of a restless nights sleep.

Is the fat burner and detox natural?

YES! Our products are all natural and vegan friendly.

How to use Fat burner / Detox?

Fat Burner

One scoop in 300ml water first thing upon waking or before a workout.

The body’s metabolism slows down while you sleep and is at its slowest first thing in the morning. By taking it first thing in the morning you are kick starting your metabolism and the fat burning process. It will also help control your eating habits for the rest of the day.


One scoop in 300ml water twice a day. Depending on how long you want to detox for, you can choose twice daily for 7 days or twice daily for 14 days. You can also take it once a day 30 mins before bed for general well-being and maintenance.

Detoxing is a natural way to cleanse your body, flush out toxins, burn fat and reduce bloating.

 For ultimate results

We recommend to combine the fat burner and detox to obtain the best results and full potential. Boost your weight loss journey with a little exercise and healthy eating and you will be loving the new you!

Is there an age limit of who can have it?

Not suitable for people aged 15 years and under.

Can I use the fat burner before I work out?

YES! Our fat burner also works as a great pre-workout.

How many times a day can I take the fat burner?

Once a day or before a workout.

When is the best time to take the detox?

You can take the detox at any time of the day. We recommend once in the afternoon and once at night before bed.

How much caffeine is in the fat burner?

There is 150mg in one serve

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